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JSC Alliance Group Leasing was established in January, 2006. AGL was the only financial institute in Georgia, offering customers leasing services. 



✔ Initially, the company was offering micro-consumer leasing services to its customers.


✔  AGL started offering auto and corporate leasing services.


✔ AGL introduced agricultural, medical and express leasing services.


✔  AGL started offering lease-back services.



✔   AGL became the first leasing company in Georgia granted with a Development Credit Authority (DCA) Guarantee issued by the US Government.


✔  AGL became the first leasing company in the country obtaining International Certificates for Quality Management Standard ISO 9001.




✔ AGL started cooperation with international non-governmental organizations to improve access to leasing services for rural farmers.


✔ AGL introduced operational leasing services to the local market.



✔  AGL changed its organizational & legal form and transformed into Joint Stock Company.


✔  Rustavi service center was opened.


✔ "Alliance Group Leasing" introduced  three types of electric bikes for the first time on Georgian market.


✔  AGL funded the pilot project in livestock, in order to promote rural development and the production of safe food products.


Our mission is to finance micro, small and medium companies, since we believe these sectors facilitate employment generation and contribute to the economic development of the country.