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Electric bikes

Alliance Group Leasing offers a modern and simple means of transportation - Electric Bicycles. 

  • It is very easy to ride an Electric Bicycle
  • Electric Bicycle is environmentally safe 
  • Electric Bicycle is charged from a household power source
  • Electric Bicycle can be used in lowland as well as highland areas and mountains


There are two types of multi-functional electric bikes:

  • Cargo Folding Tricycle 2,133 GEL
  • City Bike 1,010 GEL


 City  Bike  

Cargo Folding Tricycle


It is possible to get favorable leasing services to purchase electric bicycles:

                                       Primary payment                       Monthly  payment (During 13 months)                         
Cargo Folding Tricycle                   693.6 GEL         117.6 GEL
City Bike               328.8 GEL         55.2 GEL

Electric bikes are ideal for:

  • Holidaymakers who want to take a ride in the city or in the mountains;
  • Small and medium business and hotel employees in the regions who have to travel from village to the city and vice versa and need to carry some goods;
  • People who follow a healthy lifestyle.

Live healthy, simplify your life, care for environment!