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09/12/2013 -
Alliance Group Leasing on the Operational Leasing Conference in Istanbul

On November 20-22, the 2nd Operational Leasing Conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Gvantsa Gvichia, the Head of leasing department of Alliance Group Leasing, attended the event.  The conference is held annually and is attended by leasing experts from around the world. The aim of the event is to share European and American experience and introduce upcoming trends to the attendees.


"The major topics of the conference were the development of operational leasing and fleet management. I had the opportunity to discuss the specifics of our leasing market with the leading experts. During the conference, I once again, realized the advantages Alliance Group Leasing has on the market. We are an independent company and innovation and service flexibility is our main advantage. - says Gvantsa Gvichia.